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Ordering Instructions

We can order any product on Orgill's website for you and have it shipped free of charge to our store within days.

Connelly Hardware uses Orgill Inc. as our main hardware distributor. Orgill is a privately owned hardware distributor that supports individual retailers like us. They also offer over 70,000 products on their website orgill.com. Our customers are more than welcome to browse Orgill's site, and contact us at info@connellyhardware.com if you have any questions about products or would like to order any products through our store.

In 1951 a young Brookline couple, John and Irene Connelly, bought Carlo Hardware and changed the name to Connelly Hardware. For the next 45 years, they worked to make Connelly's become an integral part of the community. Both John and Irene were born and raised in Brookline, went to Brookline High School, and were much beloved. They worked very hard to make Connelly's what it is today, the oldest retail store in Brookline and a fixture in the charitable and business community. In 1996, John and Irene were ready to retire and sold the store to their daughter Kathy (Connelly) Kenney. Kathy started working at Connelly's in the mid-1980's and is still working there today. Her son Brendan, who worked in the store as a teenager in the 1980's, now manages the store as well.

Washington Square

Places, Past & Present

Washington Square is nestled at the base of Brookline's two largest hills, Aspinwall and Corey, where Beacon and Washington Streets come together...

Irene & John Connelly
Washington Square, circa 1900